Kalu Egbui Ikeagwu can be said to be rightly in his element when it comes to acting, on stage or on the silver screen. The art he often describes as one of the very few vocations he was "born to do" was unwittingly introduced to him by his very traditional father, Dr EK Ikeagwu for fear that been born in England, a foreign land, his precious first son might lose touch with his Igbo roots. Kalu was thus introduced into the world of literature and make believe at the age of four; a world he took to as a pig to mire.

His first movie was as David Salako in Emem Isong's "For Real." A movie which on completion, Kalu exclaimed that if a danfo (lagos metro bus) were to hit him, he would die with a blissful smile on his face. He has gone on to feature in the movies 30 Days, The Wrong Woman, Distance Between, Between Two Worlds and the just concluded Irish film production Rapt In Eire. Popular TV series include AIT's Domino, 168 and MNET's classic Doctors' Quarters not to mention his subliminal role as the dastardly evil Masters in MNET's ever-popular soap Tinsel.